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 Post subject: Re: Advice on building a computer. Pssst, Pemalite get over
PostPosted: May 24th, 2012, 9:22 pm 
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S3AnD3 wrote:
Pemalite wrote:
In that case grab the Kingston HyperX ram, DDR3 1600mhz, 2x 4gb kit for only $59.

Sorry for double posting.
Do you think 8GB will be enough? One of my friends is also in the process of building a computer and he is getting 2 8GB sticks because he thinks 8GB isn't enough.
I trust you over him :D

4gb is probably enough for most people, 8gb is plenty unless you intend to run a couple of games in tandem.

Plus... Most software and games are still 32bit only and a large chunk of people are still running a 32bit copy of Windows which is only capable of handling a 4gb address space (Due to limits Microsoft placed.)
Then you have hard limits depending on Which version of Windows 32bit you use, which could mean an application can use a maximum of 2gb of ram or 3gb of ram with the kernel taking 2gb or 1gb respectively.
This is what allot of large game developers keep in mind when making a game to cater to the lowest common denominator.

Gets even more complicated when that address space is a limit for all the memories in your computer, say you have 4gb of ram and a 1gb graphics card, suddenly Windows 32bit is only capable of addressing 3gb of ram.

So in short, 8gb is plenty in Windows 7 64bit, useless in Windows 7 32bit, but everyone should run Windows 64bit these days anyway.
But with the current pricing, 8gb of DDR3 1600mhz Ram is the sweet spot and should be enough for the life of the machine, unless you intend to do some seriously memory intensive stuff, that doesn't include games.

KingCrab wrote:
Pemalite wrote:

As for the GPU PC Case gear have a clearance special on a Zotac Geforce 560 for only $159 which would be much faster than a Radeon 5770/6770/7770 and Geforce 550 Ti/560 SE

When i fist posted my link, the Radeon HD 6870 I bought was $149 with the rebate. It highly outperforms the Geoforce 560

That depends on the Geforce 560, if it's the 560 Ti 448 Cores Limited Edition, then the 6870 would be slower.
Plus... He is in Australia, finding the 6870 for sale is difficult and would probably cost anywhere between $190 - $220, better off grabbing a reference 6950 2gb off ebay for that price and unlocking it into a 6970.

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