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 Post subject: SMP Guide
PostPosted: July 6th, 2015, 7:22 pm 
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This guide is to assist you, the player in their quest of glory on our server!

Reading the /rules is the first thing you should do upon joining SMP, they are neatly listed below this paragraph for you to read in a more formatted style. When you first start, you begin at spawn, here you have two main options: you can go to a number of different towns via portals on the left of the starting area or you may continue to walk forwards until you encounter 2 buttons that will place you in a random location on the map so that you can build.


Essentially you can build anywhere on the server that isn't in a predetermined zone or a build made by another player. fCraft uses an extensive economy system, the more you play the more money you earn. You can also make money by voting for us, the link is available in-game using /vote. This will help us and help you, voters are awarded up to $100 in in-game currency if you vote! This money can go towards purchasing items from other players, market stalls or commands such as /back where you can return to your death point.

We are currently working on a crates plugin, this system uses a series of different chests that are scattered around the map. There are 7 tiers of crates, these levels go from Common -> Uncommon -> Rare -> Epic -> Seraph -> Legendary -> Pearlescent. The items in these chests get progressively better as the levels go up. You can 1 random key every time you find an unmarked chest. The chests are marked on the SMP DynMap with a link below for your convenience.

SMP DynMap

The server also has a rank system, and is as follows:

Staff members are highlighted with red names, don't hesitate to contact them at any time if you have questions or suggestions about the server!

Ranks are earned on the basis on what you can give to the community. If you're a good member of our community as a guest you can earn Member quite easily. The rest of the ranks, as I've stated before go along with the ideal that you are a contributor to the growth and goodness of our community.

I hope you enjoy your time with fCraft, and fall in love with the community as we all have!


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 Post subject: Re: SMP Guide
PostPosted: April 15th, 2016, 1:27 pm 

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Other sources for help:
1: command /help
(now also lists plugins)

2: command /plugins
(and the documentation of the individual plugin)

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 Post subject: Reference of most useful commands
PostPosted: April 15th, 2016, 3:50 pm 

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Most useful commands:
<param> = required parameter
[param] = optional parameter
These two are of course inputted without the delimiters. So if you want to ...ugh... let's say send a mail, you would do:
/mail Pystro Your command reference on the forum rocks, man!
All stated syntaxes, required ranks and descriptions are what i remember and given without any warranty!

Information commands
Required Rank: Guest. View the "message of the day"/ welcome message.
Required Rank: Guest. Obey!
Required Rank: Guest. Pong! Test the responsivenes of the server.
Required Rank: ???. Server stats, including TPS.
Required Rank: Owner. Ticks per second, i guess...
Required Rank: Guest. List all online players.
/seen <player>
Required Rank: Guest. See when a player was last online.
/pinfo [player]
Required Rank: Guest. Player info. Just like in classic fCraft!
/recipe <item>
Required Rank: Guest. View the recipe to craft a certain item.
Required Rank: ???. Your view direction.
Required Rank: ???. Your depth/elevation relative to sea level
/getpos [player]
Required Rank: ???. Your or another player's coordinates.
/near [player]
Required Rank: ???. List who is near yourself or another player.

Chat commands
/me <action>
Required Rank: Guest. Describe an action in the context of the player. (Useful for roleplaying. Example: "/me waves to all new players" would produce "Pystro waves to all new players".)
/mail ...
Required Rank: Guest. Mail commands...
/mail send <player> <Your message>
Required Rank: Guest. Send a mail.
/r <Your message>
Required Rank: Guest. Quick reply to private messages. (Caution: only useful for short replies, as any new private message recieved before you hit enter will redirect the reply - i think. Also i'm not completely sure which of the below commands work with this - all i know is /msg does.)
/msg <player> <Your message>
Required Rank: Guest. Whisper a private message to another player.
/party chat [Your message]
/partychat [Your message]
/pc [Your message]
/p [Your message]
Required Rank: Guest. Toggle party chat or send a message to party chat.
/ac [Your message]
/a [Your message]
Required Rank: Op. Toggle admin chat or send a message to admin chat.
/broadcast <Your message>
/bc <Your message>
Required Rank: ???. Sends a message to the whole server (SMP and CMP). Use sparingly, as messages are not logged. Command is buggy and triggers if the /bc is ANYWHERE in the message!

IRC commands
/helpop <Your message>
Required Rank: ???. Message online admins ingame.
Required Rank: ???. See who is on the IRC channel.
/ircmsg <Your message>
Required Rank: ???. Send a private message to a IRC user/ nick.
/ircmsguser <Your message>
Required Rank: ???. Send a private message to a IRC user/ nick.
/admins! <Your message>
Required Rank: ???. Send a message to all IRC admins.
Required Rank: ???. Reload the IRC bot, in case it has problems again.

Locking commands
/cprivate [allowed players] [@<chest moderator(s)>]
Required Rank: Guest. Locks a chest/ door. Adding names allows access rights for those players. Putting an @ in front of the name gives chest-moderator rights for that player (allows them to change chest flags).
/cmodify <names>
example: /cmodify -<removed player> <added player> @<new chest-moderator name>
Modify the list of players with access to a private chest/ door.
Players with plain names gain access rights, players with "-" right in front of their names loose all rights, players with @ in front of their names gain chest-moderator right.
Required Rank: Guest. Claims a chest /door, but allows everyone to open it!
\lwc flag [...]
Required Rank: Guest. Manage useful flags like "autoclose", "magnet" or others.

Teleportation commands
You need to stand still for 5 seconds (to prevent battle-teleporting).
Required Rank: Guest. Teleports you to spawn.
Required Rank: Guest. Self-explaining. (Technically, this also teleports you...)
Required Rank: Guest/Builder. Return to the place where you died/last tp'd from. Costs significant moneys (16 or 100 or so).
/home [home name]
Required Rank: Builder. Teleports you to your home bed or one of your named homes. Costs ugh, some money, something between 8 and 16, i forgot...
/sethome <home name>
/delhome <home name>
Required Rank: Builder. Sets/ deletes a home. (Higher ranks can set more homes.) (To rename them, delete and set it again.)
/warp [warp name]
Required Rank: Guest. List warps or warp to a predefined warp point. SMP only has 1 warp, as the preferred transportation are teleporters at spawn.
/setwarp [warp name]
/delwarp [warp name]
Required Rank: ???. Sets/ deletes a warp point. Only use on CMP! SMP uses teleporters at spawn. In CMP, you should only delete your own ones.
/tpa <player>
Required Rank: Guest. Request to teleport to the specified player. (You to them.) Costs 8 or 16 money or so. (Nice people ask before sending this request.)
/tpahere <player>
Required Rank: Guest. Request another player to teleport to you. (Them to you.) Costs the requesting player 8 or 16 money or so. (Ask before sending this request: it's nicer AND the money is gone even if the other player aborts the TP.)
Required Rank: Guest. Accept/ deny the last teleportation request.
/party teleport <player>
/ptp <player>
Required Rank: Guest. Party teleport. Also works on a request basis. But i think it's gratis...
/party teleport acceptany
/ptp acceptany
Required Rank: Guest. Automatically accept all ptp requests.
/party teleport accept
/ptp accept
Required Rank: Guest. Accept a ptp request.
/tpaall ...
Required Rank: Guest. Request all online players to teleport to you. (I'm not even sure if this is useful at all.)
Required Rank: ???. Toggle teleportation permission to you.
/tp <player>
Required Rank: Op. Teleport without request. (Mainly for moderation purposes.)
/tphere <player>
Required Rank: Op. Teleport another player without request. (Mainly for moderation purposes.)

Misc. commands
/kit [kit name]
Required Rank: Guest???. List/obtain item kits.
/balance [player]
Required Rank: Guest. See your money, or that of another player.
Required Rank: Guest. See the money of the richest players.
/pay <player> <amount>
Required Rank: Guest. Give money to another player.
Required Rank: Guest. See where you can vote for the server. (Voting ensures citizenship - no, wait, it only gives money!)
/ptime <time>|<@time>
/ptime @noon
/ptime @night
Required Rank: ???. Change your personal minecraft time, client-side. @time holds the time fixed. (Useful for having eternal brightness or darkness.)
/pweather <weather>
Required Rank: ???. Set your personal weather, client-side. (Minecraft weather. This is not a RL weather machine!)

McMMO (& Party) commands
/mcmmo ...
Required Rank: Guest. McMMO plugin commands...
/mctop [skill]
Required Rank: Guest. McMMO leader boards.
/mcrank [player]
Required Rank: Guest. Show your or a player's McMMO ranking.
/mcstats [player]
Required Rank: Guest. Show your or a player's McMMO levels.
Required Rank: Guest. Toggle activation of (active) McMMO abilities by right click.
Required Rank: Guest. See the cooldown times of your (active) McMMO abilities.
/<skill name>
Required Rank: Guest. View detailed info about a McMMO skill.
/mcscoreboard [keep|remove|<timeout>|...]
/mcsb [keep|remove|<timeout>|...]
Required Rank: Guest. Manage the display time of the score board.
/party ...
Required Rank: Guest. Manage McMMO Parties... (For party teleport see teleportation commands.)

/ignore <player>
/unignore <player>
Required Rank: Guest. Ignore or unignore the chat of another player.
/mute <player> [time]
Required Rank: Veteran. Give trolling/spamming players a chance to cool down.
/kick <player> [reason]
Required Rank: Veteran. Give misbehaving players a unambiguous sign that their behavior is not appreciated. Only to be used after a warning has been given.
/tempban ...
Required Rank: Op. ...
/ban <player> [reason]
Required Rank: Op. Ban players who try to harm the server. Only to be used after a warning has been given. Banned players may appeal on this forum.
/banip <player> [reason]
Required Rank: Op. Deal with players who try to evade their /ban. Technically, only to be used after a warning has been given. Banned players may appeal on this forum.
Required Rank: Op. Hide yourself to be able to spy more effectively.
/pex promote <player> [rank]
/pex demote <player> [rank]
Required Rank: Op. Promote / demote 1 or several ranks.
/lb ...
Required Rank: GuestBuilderVeteranOp???. Logblock plugin commands...
/invsee <player>
Required Rank: Op. See the inventory of other players.
/clearinventory [player]
/clear [player]
Required Rank: Guest. Deletes all items in your inventory. Don't confuse this with other commands that clear something!
/enderchest [player]
Required Rank: ???. See contents of a enderchest. (Interacting with it technically works, but i'm not sure if that would be abusing powers!)
/gamemode [Player] <Nr>
/creative [Player]
/survival [Player]
/spectator [Player]
Required Rank: Op. Change gamemode of a player. (Creative Mode is only to be used for building server infrastructure!)
Required Rank: Op. Fly.
/speed ...
Required Rank: Op. Set your movement speed.

Required Rank: GuestBuilderVeteranOp???.

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