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 Post subject: MeinKraft 24/7 - Complete Server Source
PostPosted: December 4th, 2012, 10:42 am 
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Greeting friends.

Recently, I made my own minecraft server. It was highly racist and very lolsy to anyone without a soul.

Anyway. It has a LOT of custom code.

Lots of it could be very useful to you.

For example:

Donated amount properties for users:
Donator only worlds based of this variable, donator commands (including drawing operations).

Timers are saved to files, and loaded from files to allow for consistant timers with server restarts.

Zones one block in size act as sign blocks, and deny all ranks from building (but ranks able to edit the zone can remove it still). signs can have custom messages stored in text files, and are made like normal zones, then: "/zedit <zone name> #MESSAGE"

Zones are capable of rejecting ranks from inhabiting it's area. zones with names "DenyLower" or "RespawnLower" will do this to any rank not able to edit the zone.

Random MOTD for each log in, loaded from a text file "MOTDList.txt".

Rank formatting for special users.

/nick to quickly edit your name, also available to donators.

A server DEFCON system (Defence Condition) it detects block spam and grief, and can be adjusted in strength. Uses it's own class, so it's pretty portable.

Many many more cool custom commands

Customised Capture the Flag. Has a bug which causes a server crash due to stackoverflow, but it allows for tnt explosion, placing lava around the exploded area, then removing that lava soon after. blocks in CTF are degradable, so blue/red becomes stsone, becomes cobble, becomes gravel, becomes dirt, becomes air... lava/water not placable in ctf, teams can't place other teams colors. CTF world resets on each game start from a backup called "ctfbackup.fcm" ctf is set to disable hacks on it's world for a fairer game. players can swap teams with /ctf swap if the game is still balanced, and mods can always swap teams, regardless.

Anti owner impersonation: can't set a nickname to consoles name or owner name.

PM and Say notification to the owner only, this prevents people from being menaces. Multiple owners are definable via the top rank, so those without console can still see and take action accordingly.

/ranks is re-written to allow more ranks to be seen. /fuhrers, /commanders, /officers etc. are more specific and show members of those ranks. /ranksdetailed shows all ranks.

/gen and /wload are not able to overwrite a world to prevent accidental overwrites. worlds must be delted with /wdelete and THEN re-written.

donators of different ammounts get different perks such as name formating, world access, commands. all customisable in the code.

I strongly suggest you all have a look at this, i poured a lot of hard work in it, and some commands can universally better fcraft, such as /gen protection, signs, timer files and motd code.

included in the package is a built server, ready to run, it has the old player database and all. logs as well, i really don't care.

the source is also there so you can take my code for yourself.

Why am I handing this out? because minecraft classic is dead. mojang no longer supports it, and I just don't want to waste my time on it anymore.

I hope someone else can adapt minecraft (perhaps make it less racist/nazi or whatever) and make a powerful minecraft classic server.

Good luck guys, happy modding!


=== MeinKraft 24/7 ===
Server Owner & Code Developer

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