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 Post subject: On using IRC
PostPosted: January 25th, 2013, 3:06 am 
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IRC - (Internet Relay Chat)

Internet Relay Chat is a commonly used chat system for computer programmers and more popular PC games. IRC has been around for ages. In this case we have utilized it for our Minecraft services. IRC allows you to chat with in-game users without having to hassle to get in-game. Some of the great features of IRC are:
  • Directly access every fCraft server chat via PC, or mobile device.
  • Low bandwidth
  • Fast and reliable
  • Well organized
  • Multi-channel
  • Query/PM users
  • Mute/kick/ban Moderation

fCraft IRC channels are hosted via Esper's IRC servers @ (Ports: 5555, 6666-6669, 7000, & 6697 for SSL)
The fCraft Relay Channels are:

Guidelines & Rules:

IRC Nicknames & In-Game Nicknames (IGN's):
a lot of users are joining fCraft IRC channels, and aren't following this rule. Simply stated, if you have a account, we'd like you to use that as your username. If it is a very long username, you can shorten it so it is smaller. We want this for a few reasons:
  • Allows us to easily identify who is who on IRC
  • Allows us to moderate easier, knowing who is who
  • Preventing impersonation as much as possible

IRC Impersonation & Nickname Registering:
Registering you name on IRC is crucial to helping us identify who is who, along with setting channel privileges (Voice & Op).
Registering your name on IRC means that nobody will be able to use that username, and show up as logged in. Plus, you can kick users off that name if they are using it!
To register your nickname on IRC do this command:
/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email>

This will register the nickname, as long as it isn't used yet. Once you have done that command, now you have to log in using those credentials. Also remember, whenever joining IRC, you have to re-authenticate yourself. (Some IRC clients allow you to auto-identify or have perform scripts).
The command to authenticate yourself is:
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <nickname> <password>

Using more then one nickname and want to register multiple? Change to that nickname and do this command:
/msg NickServ GROUP

Spamming, Colors, & Caps:
This should be rules under the common sense rule, but too many users do it. Spamming is a no-go. This includes pastes, links, other server advertisements, or other channel advertisements. If you have something really long to say, post it on the forums, or paste&link from PasteBin.
Colors are like using caps. Most of the time they are used for no reason, and distract IRC users for no reason. There shouldn't be a case where you'd even need to use IRC color coding anyway.
Like the reason stated above, using all CAPS isn't allowed. They distract in-game users, and IRC users, and are very irritating.

Common Sense:
Things that shouldn't have to be said, yet have to due to the lack of knowledge some users may exert:
  • Be respectful to all users
  • Follow not only IRC guidelines, but in-game guidelines too
  • Trolling users is generally a bad idea
  • Impersonating will get you banned

Moderation in IRC
Abuse of services, or breakage of the rules above will likely get you muted, kicked, or banned from the fCraft Chat Relay.
IRC is a tool, not a toy. If you attempt to mute-evade, or ban-evade, we will find a way to ban you, don't test us.

<+FCB>Arvarna: i think your banhammer needs a downgrade

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