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New Initus

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To revitalize the work on our spawn-city all vet+ players are now allowed to work on it.
If you're a builder and still want to participate in the project, you can create a building that'd fit into initus and have it reviewed by a trustee. If we're happy with the quality we'll make an exception for you.

Here's a map showing the spots which need most work:
- The red area is supposed to be filled with residential buildings. some government buildings might fit there as well.
- Military buildings are needed in the yellow area.
- the blue area needs a connection from the market to the harbour. The bank needs an overhaul/rework. I think another public building would fit there as well - feel free to suggest something you'd like to see/build there.
- the green area is supposed to contain industrial buildings. Some builds need to be finished and one or two new ones wouldn't harm either.

As far as I know the rest of the city just needs minor adjustments. If you'd like to add some details to new Initus streets, you can do that as well. Take a look at the current spawn city! If you find a spot you'd like to work on confer with a trustee and get started.

Whatever you build, please make sure that your builds fits into the theme of initus. Your buildings should mainly consist of sandstone and wooden planks for the roofs. red wool and oak log are common blocks to emphazise spots. Please be canny if you want to use different blocktypes.
Also note, that we'll move, edit or outright delete buildings if we think they don't fit into the theme or lack quality.

To get to the construction site, head through the new portal close to the spawn. The resources to build are provided in the castle at the construction site. Also feel free to ask to be put into creative mode.
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