fCraft Freebuild Rules

Read a lengthened explanation of our rules globally, and for each server, and ask about what you aren't sure of.
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fCraft Freebuild Rules

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When playing on our servers, we expect you to follow these three rules:

1) No Greifing
2) No Hate (Racism, Homophobia, Personal Attacks)
3) Use Common Sense*

* We, of course, reserve the right to ridicule and demote you if you lack common sense or demonstrate immaturity.

We understand that, due to the nature of the game, these rules may need to be clarified in some cases. The purpose of this sub-forum is to document those clarifications and to remove any doubt as to what the rules truly are.

Please direct any queries about these rules here. Our admins will discuss your questions and post a clarification here if needed.

Moderators: When someone violates a rule, follow the warning-kick-ban procedure.
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