Tekkit - Venting My Thoughts

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Re: Tekkit - Venting My Thoughts

Post by Darklight »

I agree with Sanjar. I for one would rather a wipe now then in a few months time when we've all collected a crapload more stuff. I don't mind starting again.
It's worth noting that wipes will be a necessary part of any minecraft server and while they do suck and do destroy a lot of work put in over countless hours, it's not worth crying over. I seriously don't even think it's worth a post like this.
I will support any decision rwojy and Ollie make, simply because running a server often requires hard decisions to be made, decisions that frustrate players. If that includes 1 or 100 more map wipes, so be it. Playing the server can only be possible because of the hard work they put in. So, I'm not going sit around idly and let people be angry at them for decisions that have been made for the sake of the server and for the sake of us, the players, nor for future decisions that they will have to make to ensure everything works. So what if you have to start again? It's really not that difficult to rebuild, considering tekkit is team oriented.

This is just my opinion. Feel free to hate me for it all you want.

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Re: Tekkit - Venting My Thoughts

Post by Ollieboy »

We aren't wiping damnit!
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