Guide to Being a Successful Builder

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Guide to Being a Successful Builder

Post by xN8Gx »

Hey everyone. I recently got the idea that if a builder is gonna take the time to register on the forums, they should at least have a guide for how to be a successful builder. I know we teach them at school and everything, but I figure having this is just a source of information they can jump to if they need a reminder on what they can/can't do. So here's how to be a successful member of the builder community;

1.) The name of the rank says it all. As a builder, you really just need to focus on building. You don't need to patrol, you don't need to worry about grief, or out of control guests or anything like that. Now then, it would help if you paid attention to how the vets and the staff handle moderating, just so you have an idea of what is and what isnt acceptable behavior from guests so that when you get veteran rank, you go in knowing what to look out for.

2.) The fun of commands. Obviously, with builder rank comes quite a few commands you can use to make building stuff much easier. However, they can be kind of tough to get the hang of at first. So if you ever need to practice commands or do anything like that, just go to the school world. The school is used for practicing commands as much as it is for teaching them. If you have forgotten some of the commands, there will be a hidden list of them at the bottom of this thread. You can also visit the fCraft wiki to get a list of all the commands we have by clicking the link below
3.) The best place to build. Now then, with builder rank comes some new worlds that you can build on. It is highly recommended that you build on these worlds. For one, your builds are far less likely to be griefed in a builder world. Also, you cannot use draw commands on guest worlds, so if you would like to make a nice cuboid house, you can't do it on main. If you value your build, you'd best make it on a builder world.

4.) The trials and tribulations for veteran rank. As I'm sure you're aware, veteran rank is earned here automatically. The staff play no part whatsoever in builder -> veteran promotions. The autorank is programmed to promote someone to veteran once a few requirements are met by the builder. These requirements, however, are a secret that only the owners know. So do not ask us what they are; we won't tell you, partially because we really don't know. Besides, if you know the requirements, then you are more likely to just rush your way to veteran rank, and that misses the point of being a builder. So just keep building and having fun; you'll get there eventually.

5.) The consequences of misdeeds. Even though you are a builder, that does not mean you are excused from all responsibility. It's actually quite the opposite; you earned the rank by setting yourself apart from the guests and showing us that you are a competent builder and not a griefer. So because of that, you actually have more responsibility than you did as a guest. If however, you decide to spam cuboids or grief around a bit, you can be demoted back to guest and, in some cases, banned from the server. But not to worry, there's a special trick to avoiding ever having to worry about being demoted; just build. As long as you are building and just having fun, the staff shouldn't have any reason to mess with you.
Command list:
Cuboid = /c or /z (Generates a cube of blocks based on the dimensions of the blocks you select)
Ellipsoid = /e (Generates a 3-D ellipse based on the dimensions of the blocks you select)
Hollow = /h or /ch(Generates a hollow cuboid based on the dimensions of the blocks you select) (Pro-tip: if you add an "h" to the end of /e, it will make a hollow ellipsoid)
Replace = /r <block(s) to be replaced> <block that replaces other block(s)> (Replaces one or more block types with another block within the dimensions of the blocks you select)(Pro-tip: think of /r like making a cube around all the blocks you want replaced)
Cuboid Wireframe = /cw or /cuboidw (Generates the edges of a cube of blocks based on the dimensions of the blocks you select)
Line = /ln (Generates as straight of a line as possible based on the dimensions of the blocks you select)
Copy = /copy (Copies all the blocks inside the dimensions that you select) (Pro-tip: this includes blocks of air, so if you copy an unusually shaped build, keep in mind you're copying the air as well)
Cut = /cut (Copies all the blocks inside the dimensions that you select, as well as deletes whatever was copied)
Paste = /paste (Pastes whatever you have copied facing the direction it was facing when it was copied)
PasteX = /pastex (Pastes whatever you have copied in the direction that you choose)
Rotate = /rotate <-90, 90, 180, or 270 degrees> < x, y or z axis> (Rotates whatever you have copied based on which direction to rotate and how much to rotate it by)
Mirror = /mirror <x, y or z axis> (Mirrors, or flips, whatever you have copied based on the which direction you want it flipped)
Triangle = /t (Generates a triangle based on the dimensions of the blocks you select)
Triangle Wireframe = /tw (Generates the edges of a triangle based on the dimensions of the blocks you select)
Static = /static (Repeats whatever selection-based command you just used)
Water = /water (Allows you to place blocks of water by placing aqua, cyan, or blue colored blocks)
Lava = /lava (allows you to place blocks of lava by placing red blocks)
Teleport = /tp <playername>(Teleports you to wherever a specific player is)
Kick = /k <playername> <reason for kick> (Kicks a player off the server) (Pro-tip: a good builder should never have to use this.)
This concludes my guide to being a successful builder. If anyone would like to add on to it, please feel free.
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Re: Guide to Being a Successful Builder

Post by ArsenalFalcon »

Oh, N8G. I followed all the instructions, and look where I ended up. A successful Builder! Follow these instructions guys, they truly work. Thank you PelvicUltrasound for promoting me, You're my guru (10w 2d ago) :)

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Re: Guide to Being a Successful Builder

Post by StephenDunlap »

thank you so much for the instructions. These are very helpful tips!

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Re: Guide to Being a Successful Builder

Post by Sophia09le »

It a very useful information that you provide us thank you such much.
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Re: Guide to Being a Successful Builder

Post by Gurrnoy »

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