Server is back - Notes

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Server is back - Notes

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Okay, rwojy has worked hard to make sure there are no more exploits in tekkit and the server is now back online. There will be no map wipe, and if you find any blacklisted blocks lying around, tell us. If you put them there, own up, and maybe we will only be a little bit mad.

Keep in mind that tekkit is so much harder to work with than other servers, so we cannot promise this will be the last time the server goes under for serious maintenance, but hopefully, with a little cooperation from everyone else, there will be no large scale changes (had to change a bunch of plugins in this one to get more tekkit-friendly ones).

Still, don't be discouraged, we still welcome suggestions because this is still a server for the players, just please be aware that there are a lot more technical boundaries to avoid than in something like CMP.
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