Log-in Issues? - LauncherX, Charged Miners, WoM

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Re: Log-in Issues? - LauncherX, Charged Miners, WoM

Post by Pothus »

An acquaintance on another server has alerted me that when using a WoM substitute (LauncherX and xWoM), some players may not be able to join due to a corrupted terrain.png file located in the WoM folder.

If you're having WoM issues, consider deleting terrain.png.

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Re: Log-in Issues? - LauncherX, Charged Miners, WoM

Post by yeetrium »

I tested different servers with a clean terrain.cfg file and it works! Thanks for the explanation and screenshot Pothus.

It is best to make a backup of the original terrain.cfg file so that when the current one is damaged it can easily be replaced to keep using the client on other servers. Deleting the file altogether will not solve the problem. Keeping an uncorrupted file will work fine.

I would still like to know where to find the WOM settings for hardware/software acceleration.

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Re: Log-in Issues? - LauncherX, Charged Miners, WoM

Post by Darklight »

Good news everyone; the WOM client is fully functional again and you won't need to use an alternative any longer.
Go check out version 3.0 :)

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Re: Log-in Issues? - LauncherX, Charged Miners, WoM

Post by LiamRayStanley »

Added WoM 3.0 information, along with other useful information. Thanks darklight.
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Re: Log-in Issues? - LauncherX, Charged Miners, WoM

Post by fragmer »

I just updated the post with new information.

A new client is now available from ClassiCube.net, and I would highly recommend using it instead of WoM. It's an open-source client jointly developed by Jonty800, AndrewPH, and me (with some help from others). It can do everything that WoM can, and then some. Among other things it supports anti-aliasing / anisotropic filtering, easy-to-install texture packs, chat logging, screenshot taking, map file saving, etc etc etc. It's being actively developed.

Charged-Miners had been deprecated. The only way to play with Charged-Miners at the moment is direct-connect. Its server-list-loading and server-information-fetching code broke a while ago. I'll update the post if an update is ever released.

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