I'm to do this? Cool.

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I'm to do this? Cool.

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Hello there everyone reading this in the future. I am Cakery852 A.K.A. Father_Apol and Chipbonk.
I am new to these forums but I'm definitely not new to fCraft. I used play on fCraft all the time as daily activity. But I don't think this should be a story about how I started playing this. I'm just glad I found it again.

I don't really play minecraft lots anymore but it's my fav game. Reason being I am very busy but when you DO see me, I'm loads of fun :happycreeper:. There really isn't much to say about myself but I hope some of you remember me from MC Classic.

See ya 'round!

P.S. I'll murder people who get banned and add me as a witness.
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