Hello! Mirzuuh here!

Introduce yourself here.
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Hello! Mirzuuh here!

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Hello dudes! I'm Mirza206 a.k.a Mirzuuuh and this is my intro.

So you want more? Okay, okay, sheesh.
Hello y'all, I'm Mirzuuuh and I'm 14 (15) years old. I'm an upstanding citizen and a proud voter for the Democrats. Pay no attention at all to the fact that I am not from America. Not a atom of attention. Not a single one. No.

I like most of you (the good side, jks), enjoy working with computers. Every single fucking aspect of them. "I like the way they're built. And their thingy looks nice..." -Would I have said had I not known that the "thingy" was a processor. I also enjoy programming, but I'll get to that in a sec.

Unlike Frictsion or Friction or Fricshchtion or whatever his nick is, I do adore doing math and physics alike. (totaly know what logarithyms are. lyke, totaly).
As far as hobbys go, they do include large portions of all of the above (and below, and to the right as a matter of fact.), some injections of basketball, a pinch of random pen art, and a teency
bit of Minecraft. Just a teency bit. Just thiiis much --> <--.

Minecraft wise, I don't consider myself to be a good builder :P I was a legend waaaay back on R33 freebuild, but those are just distant memories.
But do expect a Mason application in the near future. :D

Okaaay so programming skills. Ummmmm

So that was "le -le -gendary" intro.. OH, almost forgot my credit card details. My credit card number is 55.. -this mesagge has been removed (taken) by the Russians-

PS: 4 servers. Yes 4 servers (and counting) that I have joined, got a Veteran like rank, and managed to anihalate.
Well, not anihalate. R33 Craft, KDY's Freebuild, Free Ranks Need Ops (absolutely no free ranks were given there) and Easy Ranks Need Players (a.k.a MadMatty's Testing server to the players there :P) all died in a timespam of 4-5 months during my stay there. Au70 is also a member of that chain, buuut it still hasn't plummited into non-existance.
Be wary fCraft dudes!

Edit: Okay dudes made me edit. Damn players...
Okay so programming wise I'm not the best :P I didn't even know ANYTHING about programming until about one year ago, when my IT teacher reccomended I downloaded QuickBasic (i am sooch e newb). My cousin (who seems a lot like Liam, like A LOT) helped me learn the basics and belive it or not, I won the county (lyke one tenth of my country area thing.) competition in programming! (w00t). BTW: My cousin is a wizard in programming. Like, he has a beast of a computer, knows every programming language like the palm of his hand :P

--> MOTIVATION QUOTE: "There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who know binary, and those who don't." <-- All thanks go to Th3Wizard for this one.
"Two rights don't make a wrong. But two lefts will get you to the highway."

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