Loading/Converting .cw map/world into fCraft

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Loading/Converting .cw map/world into fCraft

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Newbie here. I've discovered that a ClassicCube server I was on for a few months has shut down, but I do have backups of my map on that server. I have them in .cw format and I'm looking to load them into fCraft and continue working on them.

I think I need to convert the .cw files to some other format, but I don't know which, and I also don't know how to properly use the mapconverter command line executable, despite some Googling.

Now, since I don't really know anything about Minecraft, or Java. You guys are going to have to dumb things down a little bit. However, I am very familiar with Windows and the command prompt, so running commands and moving files around shouldn't be too much trouble.

I do have the server software working, and I can access it locally through the ClassicCube client.

Any help I can get, I would highly appreciate. Thanks. I think I'm using the latest version of fCraft server.

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