Possible donor perks?

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Possible donor perks?

Post by Cole5slaw »

So I see fCraft needs donations.
I have brought up some ideas for perks, since you appear to need donations.

Pets follow the player around. I suggest using the Echo Pet plugin found here.
Different pets will have different prices. Perhaps a mob certain mob, like a bat, will be very cheap and something like 5 bucks. A pet that will be a little more expensive would be a bigger, possibly cooler pet. Like a villager, worth 10 dollars. You can also switch pets between ages (baby/adult) and change sheep wool color, as well as change the names of your pets. Your pets will spawn near you when you log in or switch worlds, and teleport around if you go too far. Of course, some pets like the Ghast or Enderdragon shouldn't be purchasable because of the immense amount of lag it would bring with it.

Particle trails.
This one allows a trail of particles to follow a player. A player can perhaps purchase permissions to the particle trails for about, 10 dollars? Anyways, with this plugin a player can select particle trails and switch between it following their head and their feet. Some of them appear to just be lag inducers, such as the firework trail, so disabling those would probably be a good idea.

Just an idea for things a player could purchase for donating.

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Re: Possible donor perks?

Post by Element_Equinox »

Just give the people what they want; hats.
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Re: Possible donor perks?

Post by x_Nebula_x »

i freakin love tf2
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