zachoooo's Mason Application

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zachoooo's Mason Application

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Hello everyone!

I'm interested in becoming a mason so that I can continue to create bigger and better pixel art creations on the server!

I started this project to show my ability to create pixel art. I will post screen shots below, but I always say it's better to join and see. This project was made in the world "u_Zach01".

Here is some stats about the project!

Project Start Date: Thursday July 19, 2012
Project Completion Date: Thursday July 2, 2015 (Slow and steady wins the race! Maybe I'm just slow)
Total project dimensions: 1000 x 253
Total blocks (filled and placed): 253,000 (not including shading)
Reference Image:
Discord Pixel Art: (90 x 97 = 8730 Pixels)
Project Album:

You can view the images for the work in the project album or in game. I highly suggest you join the world and check them out.

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