SMP Roads network

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SMP Roads network

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I am planning (though not very seriously) a road network all over the SMP overworld map. The roads will on one hand be for aesthetics; on the other hand they will help people who wander around the server to (find and) reach your place. HaroxxVigor and i also made plans for a top-of-the nether transport system, which would be more suited if you want as convenient a connection as possible between different locations.
Disclaimer: I may actually never start these projects. I just wanted to start polling your opinion on it before actually starting to plan it out.

The style will be 3-wide gravel road (with cobble underneath the gravel to prevent it from being collapsed accidentially).
I plan to add the following 3 things to the network:
  1. Single builds with "add me" requests.
  2. Scenic builds (My personal top 5 or so).
  3. Server Infrastructure (spawn, oldspawn, minigames) and Cities (especially Acuaria, as it's fairly central and already has a road to its west.)
  4. I will not build roads THROUGH the big desert in the northwest of the mainland. I think that kinda defeats it's desert-ness.
But it may happen that your build is somewhere between two locations which shall be connected. In that case i would add it to the network (depending of how much of a detour i would have to take). So it may happen that your place gets added to the network even when you don't post a reply here.

So here's the questions:
  1. Do you have any builds you WANT to have added to a global road network?
    (Give the coordinates!)
  2. Do you have any builds you want specifically NOT added to a global road network?
    (Give the coordinates!)
  3. Do you have any connections which you want as convenient (straight) as possible? For example:
    • "My home -- spawn"
    • "Spawn -- the deserts and plains in the northwest of the mainland [3xxx:-0xxx]"
    (Give the coordinates!)
  4. Do you want a specific part or connection of the network in a specific style? (For example:
    • "All the roads in the snow-covered part of my 'Extreme Hills' as cobble slabs/stairs"
    • "The 100 meter part right in front of my house in a modern inner-city asphalt style with sidewalks."
    • "The connection between my house and my harbor in a 1-wide, trail with 25% Gravel /40% Coarse Dirt / 35% Grass"
    (Give coordinates where it is suitable to identify the section in question.)

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