SMP Updated to 1.11.2!

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SMP Updated to 1.11.2!

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Hello fCrafters!

The long awaited server update to 1.11.2 has finally happened.

Just two plugins to keep in mind on this update:
CoreProtect now replaces LogBlock.
Accessed by: /co
To inspect block changes: /co inspect (Veteran+)
To lookup an area around you: /co lookup u:user t:time r:radius a:action b:blocks e:exclude (OP+)
To rollback: /co rollback u:<user> t:time r:radius a:action b:blocks e:exclude(OP+)
ShopChests was added in order for an economy to be created between players. Each rank has up to 5 shops to create.
Accessed by: /shop
Create a shop with: /shop create amount buyprice sellprice (When you are creating the shop, you want to be holding the item you want to sell)
To remove a shop: /shop remove (Then click on the shop you want to remove)
All other permissions/plugins are the same as they where and functioning correctly.
If you found an error/bug, post here on the forums or contact me on IRC
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