Neon Charsidion

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Neon Charsidion

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The Holy Ithoon, Charsos Dárconilles III, has sent out an fleet to colonisate this server.
In name of the Ithoon Gaberion founded a city called Neon Charsidion

The city is located at the desert of Hazdjaat.
Gaberion has claimed the entire desert of Hazdjaat (x-3600 y 67 z 3047)
the mountain at the boarder (coords) and the marsh (coords)

The city will include a harbor (nea Aíga), a lighthouse, farmlands, border fortifications, portals, tel hubs and a market.

Participants or inhabitants of the city

master: Gaberion

In Neon Charsidion are the same rules as in the overworld.
Some exceptions are:
No PvP
Don't kill animals without permission (of Gaberion)
Don't destroy or build anything without permission (of Gaberion)

Neon Charsidion and Nea Aíga will be build in a Greek-Roman style.

There will follow screenshots of the city and surroundings.

if there are suggestions for my city, please comment.
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