fCraft Community News: June 2014

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fCraft Community News: June 2014

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Hello fPeople!

I'm fragmer (or Scoot) and I'm here to bring you up to date with our community news. With the summer season upon us, we've been happy to welcome many players and to welcome back many old-timers who now have more time to play. The admins — Ninjacat, Freewill, and I — have been busy too. Here's what we've been up to.

First of all, we have a speed-building tournament coming up on our Creative Minecraft server (CMP). You'll be able to show off your creative skills in a series of timed challenges, where you'll be paired up with other players to quickly build something that fits given themes. The audience will choose a winner after each match, and the ultimate winner will receive a pretty good prize, worth at least $30 (Update: it's been decided, see tournament page!). You can sign up on our website, and tell us what times would be most convenient for you: http://www.fcraft.net/tournament/

Speaking of CMP, I've added ability to export schematic files from our good old Freebuild Minecraft server and import it to CMP. So if you want to keep working on some huge project that you started back on Freebuild, send me a message on the forums and tell me what you'd like copied over.

Next, we've got a brand new server up! "Feed The Beast" is a Minecraft mod pack that provides a huge amount of new functionality, kinda similar to Tekkit. If you love redstone, if you want more blocks to play with, or if you just want to experiment with some funky mods, you might very well enjoy this server. Because it's quite easy to make a big mess with all these mods, this server is not public. If you are ranked veteran or above, then you are eligible to play on this server already, at FTB.fcraft.net. Otherwise, please make a post on our forums, in the "Applications" section, and we'll consider your request.

Lastly, an update on our Survival Minecraft server (SMP). It's been pretty busy, and we had a bit of a lag issue earlier this week. We narrowed the cause down to hoppers! We've made some config changes to mitigate this lag, but if you've built or considered building a large contraption involving hoppers, please reconsider. If you're using more than like 30 hoppers, then you are likely to cause yourself and other players to lag. We hope that future improvements to Minecraft and to our plugins will allow us to remove this restriction, but for now, please be considerate.

We've also revamped the way MCMMO experience is gained on the server. Some of the less useful or harder-to-level skills (Acrobatics, Fishing, Taming) got a boost, and the way experience gains are calculated is more consistent overall.

Well, that's it for the news. If you haven't played on our servers for a while, consider dropping by, bring some friends. If you've got any questions or suggestions, post them on the forums, we've got a whole section for you!

And, from me and my fellow admins,
- Have a good day and enjoy summer.

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