Appeal for Unban

Appeal any bans, kicks or demotions that you feel you did not deserve here.
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Appeal for Unban

Post by HaroxxVigor »

I was banned for using an autoclicker and wanted to put an appeal here for being unbanned.

Essential information:

Username: HaroxxVigor
Server: SMP
Rank: Veteran
Reason for ban: Usage of autoclicker

I'll be checking every now and then if there are any further questions or missing information.

Sincerely, HaroxxVigor.

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Re: Appeal for Unban

Post by FreeBro »

Ok, so after having a talk with you i accept your appeal with these conditions:
1. You are being demoted to member for a unspecified amount of time.
2. you have been moved to a no money gaining list.
3. You lose 50% of your money.
4. You promise to not use things like this again.

Hope to see u online again soon
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